Part VI  



SPACERSomehow I don't feel elegiac,

SPACERA pile of books in front of me

SPACERIn prose that turns the most prosaic

SPACERThings into--well, poetry.

SPACERSunlight wobbles, fritillary

SPACER(All its yellow stipples vary)



  260   SPACEROver vowel-scattered trails

SPACERThat grade into those fairytales

SPACEROf "follies tricked out so brightly that they"Asterisk

SPACERBlend into the blinding page--

SPACERIt's difficult to disengage--

SPACERWhen birds forget glass-dazzle's flat, they

SPACERFeel your pane. This cold can scorch.

SPACER(A rake leans near a rented porch.)Asterisk


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