Part I  



I've stood on thinner sheets. Took crunching walks

On leaf-embodying and lumpy glass

To a sidewalk's abrupt end, along a bright

Section of newly-insulated path,

Over a prickling hump of weedy dam

And onto this broad opening in the words: lake,

Brown language adrift with plants and fish,

Masked underneath a civilizing whiteAsterisk

Tectonic crystalline, a cloudy plate.



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The Author


  10   SPACERSun burned horizon black, and then went down;

The honed air slipped and whisked across the lake.

Flare, pile of glassleaves!--no-- fail, pyre:

An undecided dusk gave out at last.

Snow deepened to an ashen regolith,Asterisk

A lunar cast. Too cold. I found a path;

An alphabet of shadows followed me,

Seeming to indicate a leak of light,

The thinnest wash of dusk: plum aquarelle.

(A shallow chill: of ghostleaves fluttering?


Bleak conjugations rustling in the woods?)

SPACERA haunted aura deepened, spread, and blurred.

AM VIVID.(Where?) LOOK BARN. (The last glow fellAsterisk

Along the roofridge of a looming, chinked

Abandoned barn; a broken vane withheld

Its ripening signal from prevailing words):

Something encoded in the characters

Of winter branches. I could just make out


--A wind came up; the rusted vane revived:


Its bent N pointed toward me; WAsterisk

To sky. I hurried down the icehumped path,

And that was that: day left unfinished. Night.

(A double me is more than twice enough.)

SPACERI marked my place; exhausted, went to bed.

Then dreamed; awakened: saw my old alarm

Oddly aglow; but quickly focused on

Its Liquid Crystal face--blue numerals,Asterisk

Crisp and reassuring. Woke next day,

Drank coffee, read newspaper, dressed, went out.


SPACERA mere reader, I read mirrors, fear wet play;

SPACERBut find a mothball scatter on the lawn.





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