Part IV  



SPACERThree died (August, 1991).Asterisk

But more or less, through lurching politics

Gun steel stayed cold; witnesses remained,

Felt and withstood fear's pliers through the night.

Most tank-crews disobeyed their orders; held;

Restrained steel treads (from crushing blood-stuck flesh



  100   Or bursting screams in lungs, minds smeared from heads);

Heartbeats but stopped a moment; then went on.

SPACERA man sat near a heap of paving stones,

Bottle of gasoline between his boots,

Discussing false dawn with an architect;

People stood smoking by a barricade

(Jumble of twisted reinforcing rods,

Old heavy plumbing, wooden pallets, doors).

SPACERThey're biodegradable, these apple cores.


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