Part III  



SPACERLet's stop and eat an apple here--fair peel,

Yellow Delicious is my favorite--Asterisk

Feels ripe. I brought a flask of coffee, too.



  80   Let's eat an apple and be fortunate.

A Frenchman hears, on record, real Piaf;

Another, weary, stoops to tie his shoes;

Elsewhere a voice interprets, in the bath,

"The complex genitalia of the blues;"Asterisk

Her husband's out-coat, mittens, shirt--My love!--

The underwear comes off, boots take too long,

--And outside in the cold, key touches lock.

A child picks up a phone and hears "No. Not..."

Someone is vacuuming the second tier.


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An adolescent girl says "Thanks a lot."

I crunch: my breath-steam makes you disappear.

Who isn't tangent to some other's plot?

SPACERWet boots print blanks across the ghostly snow.Asterisk


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