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"What a find -- the New York Center for Media Arts. [...] 'Nightmaze', an ingenious collaboration of writer Thomas Bolt and composer Sebastian Currier, is another thought-provoking work which expands traditional notions of art and technology. It is a combination of music, narration, text and animation installation. Indeed, 'Electronic Maple' includes many such works which will force you, as a critical thinker, to reexamine definitions and, as an artist, to rethink the possibilities. In fact, you may even be so moved as to discard the need for definitions and to give yourself over wholly to the experience."

—Susan Hartenstein, The Wave of Long Island

> Nightmaze


Dark Ice
Very good, very funny, very movingplease read all the footnotes."

—Writer and Nabokovian J.M. Martinez, from his Waxwing site.

> Dark Ice


*In my lifetime? In the past few decades? Something like that.




The Nightmaze Map. A map to a dream.