We physicists are always
checking to see if there
is something the matter
with the theory. That's
the game, because if
there is something the
matter, it's interesting!

—Richard P. Feynman

QED: The Strange
Theory of Light
and Matter



According to T. S. Boolmath,
"Poetry is science." But maybe
he meant "silence."


A skeptic has enough respect
for what may or may not be true
to ask that what can be tested
be tested, and ask that what
cannot be tested not be given
any special respect because it
cannot be. In other words, "If
ya ain't a skeptic, ya may be
a sucker!"


Real science is as creative as
any art. Real art has as much
connection to nature (and our
experience of it, however filtered)
as science. The best artists
understand that there are filters
as well as nature.

Copyright (c)
by Thomas Bolt.
All rights reserved.