Now Eligible for Parole
    Thomas Bolt  
  Though the past can be seen as a crater brimming with water
On a site the importance of which is not known,
The present is at hand:

A bitter sky, the wet inside of a rotten nut. Brown clouds.
Darkly, invisible, symphonic wind
Performed all night outside the city. Morning

Was another story: the city roofs,
Stormcleared, seemed almost clean. Weather like a mood
Like weather, the stiffness yawned out

And stumbled from, got up and found the stove
Where I had left it. Spark-leap. Auras almost
Materialize: a blue flame blooms, blown. Almost

Electric air distills
New gusts,
Lifting all the dirty curtains of New York.

Rinse coffee-cup. But now, too,
While the past
Falls, collapses on itself,

The present is cheap as air, and air is free
Until the seasoned, skillet-colored sky
Turn and spill its rain.

The weather of unconsciousness still hangs
In the apartment air until the first
Wiggle of black reflection is brought up

To still-awaking lips: coffee-sip. And
Outside, rain begins. Look forward to
The day's escape from dreams.


"Now Eligible for Parole" first appeared in Italian translation in Nuovi Argomenti.

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"Now Eligible for Parole" copyright (c) by Thomas Bolt. All rights reserved.