Meditation in Loudoun County

The Pontiac
Is a natural object. Ice melting on its hood
Trickles along a warp to the front end,
Drips from chromed fenders to the gravel
Making ticking sounds. Expanding metal,

Late spring.
Bloomed honeysuckle wavers in the chainlink,
Wilting. Still the car sits still: its metal,
Bled up through dulled enamel, rusts
In the hot sun of the front yard,

By dried weeds. Punctures open into crusts.
Dead, flat enamels pucker into blisters.
Chromes flake and sprinkle gravel. A pale dust
Coats the hubcaps.

If truth
Is up on cinderblocks in the noon sun,
The color leaches from its dented door.
All day sun burns into the battered hood.
The earth is conservative. The car sits still.

Thomas Bolt

"Meditation in Loudoun County" copyright (c) 1989 by Thomas Bolt. All rights reserved.

"Meditation in Loudoun County" first appeared in Southwest Review.

It was collected in Out of the Woods, Volume 84 of the Yale Series of Younger Poets, with a foreword by James Merrill; Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 1989.

"Meditation in Loudoun County" also appears in The Yale Younger Poets Anthology, edited by George Bradley, Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 1998

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