It's Dark in Here.

Is this your stop?
Between stations, or
the end of the line?

Where are we?
The beams sift past,
The train pauses at an
abandoned station....

Why abandoned?
Dry, the old tiles
caked with gummy
soot,the platform
littered. The train
lights flicker; fail.
The motor shudders
shutting down.


What if the doors open?
Do we get out? Search
for the old exits, find
them chained?

Do we have a choice?
Wait for a bright station,
lit advertisements,
stainless steel and
clean tile?

What was that?
A sputter of static: the
conductor's intercom. A
voice comes on: "making
all stops, this train
will be making all stops...."

Is this your train?
What if the doors stay open,
the train begins to move,
the tunnel darkens, and
there is no longer a tunnel,
only black space, dark
with a few stars?

Copyright (c)
by Thomas Bolt.
All rights reserved.