Random Flashes

Now Leaving English!
Two more poems appear to in Italy, in
Italian! No word yet on when.

The Paris Review
Two of my poems, "After a Dingy Rain"
and "Nature,"
are in The Paris Review
Poetry Issue.

My poem "Leaving Earth" appears in the
current AGNI

An interview with Vladimir Nabokov's
biographer Brian Boyd can be found in
the current BOMB.


More Publication News

Molto Grazie,
Nuovi Argomenti!
Two poems appear in Italy, in Italian

Two of my poems, "At The Motel of the Villa of the
Mysteries" and "Now Eligible for Parole," were
translated into what seems to me sublime Italian by the
poet Edoardo Albinati.

They were published in the Italian quarterly
Nuovi Argomenti,
edited by Enzo Siciliano.

The Yale Review

A poem called "Refined Waste" appeared
in the
January, 1999
Yale Review.

The Novel
News soon: believe it or not.

Copyright (c)
by Thomas Bolt.
All rights reserved.

"At The Motel
of the Villa of
the Mysteries"

"Now Eligible
for Parole"

"Refined Wastee"